5 Ways to Stay Positive with a Spinal Cord Injury

Life is fragile, one moment everything is going to plan and then you wake up with a Doctor telling you that you are paralyzed.   Every emotion is felt after hearing that sentence. Your life has changed; your mindset has been shifted.

 Our clients at NextStep Orlando come through our doors with heartbreaking stories and yet, they smile. How? Here are 5 things that help keep our clients motivated and inspired.

 1.    Education/Resources

After the event that has changed your life, you can leave the hospital with many unanswered questions.  This is where some extra work is required to educate yourself with the facts about your injury and options for exercise and recovery after you have left the hospital.  There is HOPE FOR RECOVERY. Our clients learn the most from being together in an environment equipped in dealing with paralysis and that is what we work hard to create at NextStep Orlando.

 Where do you start? We have linked a paralysis resource guide, nutrition guide and caregiver guide on our website.  Check out the link here:



 2.    Surround yourself with positive individuals

Some of us are lucky to have positive support from close friends and family. But sometimes you are on your own and nobody around can even fathom what it is you are going through.

ABT facilities like NextStep Orlando are an ideal environment to find positivity and support from the clients themselves, their families and caregivers and our trainers that are passionate about what they do and provide hope where nobody else does!

 Meet our trainers here: https://www.nextstepfitness.org/team-nextstep-orl


 3.    Movement

Moving the body releases chemicals that can promote happiness. You want to exercise but don’t know where to start? Is Activity-Based Training right for you?

Our client Ellen says: “If you haven’t tried activity-based training I highly suggest it. It will keep your body active and circulation going, not only promoting recovery but also helping with secondary complications like pressure sores or infections. Most importantly you’ll get to move!”

Read the rest of Ellen’s story here: https://www.nextstepfitness.org/new-blog/ellen


4.    Find Motivation with Short Term Goals

We all get wrapped up with the bigger picture and the goal of walking again. At NextStep Orlando we break down the goal of walking and achieving mobility into smaller tasks and functional movements. This way you can reach short term goals and be motivated about how your body is getting stronger, despite what the Doctor’s told you.


5.    Get Social

Get out and about. It seems intimidating at first, but do it, it gets easier. Especially if you go with friends who have your back OR even with new friends who are wheelchair users, they will make you feel more confident and perhaps know the best places to go! Our clients went to a wine tasting event in WholeFoods, read about it here:  https://www.nextstepfitness.org/new-blog/2018/3/6/wine-not



We hope this post gives you some ideas to make some days a little easier than others.