Wine Not?!

Hey Everyone! I'm here to let you in a little (or maybe well) known secret about Whole Foods...

every 3rd Thursday of the month, they hold a wine tasting around the store! Who knew?! If you already did, you are winning at life but if you didn't like me, well don't worry now you do! 

So... for just $5, Whole Foods will give you a very nice Whole Foods wine glass and let you roam the store, stopping at the many stands to try (so many) wines and snacks! The variety is amazing from whites and reds to sparkling cider and rose. I particularly liked a certain rose, can't remember the name but I can picture the bottle, and the mac' n cheese with mini toast! *Note to self* buy a bottle of that rose next time. OH AND THE BEST PART!... All you have to do is bring back your Whole Foods wine glass each time and your wine tasting is FREE! Am I kidding you?! No I swear!

Now if you are wondering, how does someone with a spinal cord injury or other disability, someone who has to use a wheelchair to get around, hold a wine glass and push their chair at the same time? I've got THE answer for you! The KLOUD City Neoprene Sleeve with Adjustable Neck Strap For Wine Walk (or roll :) This genius invention securely holds your wine glass upright and around your neck, leaving your hands free to push without worrying about spilling! (as seen in photo) Get yourself one at Actually use this link everytime you shop on Amazon and a portion of your purchase will be donated back to NextStep Orlando!

Well next Thursday, March 15th, the 3rd Thursday of the month so you know where the NextStep Orlando crew will be! I encourage you to check out your local Whole Foods too!