Membership Information

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NextStep Kansas City's Activity-Based Interventions and recovery programs are among the most aggressive in the area. We offer a more innovative, goal oriented, and recovery-driven program through the use of the most up-to-date, evidence based interventions.  Guided by current research and training through the NeuroRecovery Network; our programs are customized for each individual based on current function, goals, and availability. If you are interested in attending NextStep Kansas City's program, call for more information or to set up a tour.  

Interested in a Membership?

Step 1: Schedule a tour: Contact Chris Smith, NextStep Kansas City Director

  1. Email:

  2. Phone: 913-451-1500

Step 2: Download and complete the membership forms below

Step 3: Email or deliver the completed forms to:

Step 4: You will be contacted by Colby Ross, NextStep Kansas City Manager, to schedule an evaluation.

Membership Options

  • All membership services are pre-billed at the beginning of each month).

  • Numbers 1, 2, and 3 indicate the number of included weekly sessions (i.e. GE 1 = 1 hr of GE/week, or NMES 3 = 3 NMES sessions/week). Must commit to a minimum of 2 consecutive months to be considered a membership.

Open Access Membership

  • $75.00/month

  • Individual access to open strength, cardio, and load bearing equipment.

 Guided Exercise Membership (GE)

  • GE 1: $300/Month

  • GE 2: $600/Month

  • GE 3: $900/Month

  • Must commit to a set monthly schedule with a minimum of one (1) GE session per week (55 min. sessions)

FES Bike Membership

  • $25.00/hour

  • Must commit to a set monthly schedule with a minimum of two (2) FES sessions per week

  • All clients must purchase their own approved electrode pads

NMES Membership (90 min. sessions)

  • NMES 1: $500.00/Month

  • NMES 2: $900.00/Month

  • NMES 3: $1250.00/Month

  • All clients must purchase their own approved electrode pads

Gait Training Membership (GT) (90 min. sessions)

  • GT 2: $1,100.00/Month

  • GT 3: $1,650.00/Month

A La Carte Sessions (single sessions that can be purchased individually)

  • Guided Exercise: $85.00/session

  • FES Bike: $50.00/hr

  • NMES: $165.00/session

  • Gait Training: $175/session

*Special program considerations may be available if you plan to travel for an extended stay. Please, call 913-451-1500 for details.

Membership Forms