Interested in a NextStep Membership? Please read below to find a list of membership options and relevant forms.

Interested in a Membership?

Step 1: Schedule a tour: Contact Joel Wenger, NextStep Director

Step 2: Download and complete the membership forms below

Step 3: Email or deliver the completed forms

Step 4: Schedule an evaluation

Membership Options

All Access Fitness Membership (Continuous for Six (6) Months)

  • All Access Fitness Membership: $75.00/Month

Guided Exercise Memberships (Continuous for Two (2) Months)

  • Guided Exercise 1 Membership: $275.00/Month

  • Guided Exercise 2 Membership: $550.00/Month

  • Guided Exercise 3 Membership: $825.00/Month

* Includes an All Access and FES Membership

FES Membership (Continuous for Two (2) Months and Five (5) Hour/Week)

  • FES Membership: $375.00/Month

NMES Memberships (Continuous for Two (2) Months)

  • NMES 1: $500.00/Month (1 Day/Week)

  • NMES 2: $900.00/Month (2 Days/Week)

  • NMES 3: $1,250.00/Month (3 Days/Week)

* Includes an All Access Membership

Locomotor Training Memberships (Continuous for Two (2) Months)

  • LT2: $1,100.00/Month (2 Days/Week)

  • LT3: $1,650.00/Month (3 Days/Week)

    *Includes an All Access and FES Membership

A La Carte Sessions

  • One (1) Guided Exercise: $75.00/HR

  • One (1) FES: $50.00/HR

  • One (1) LT: $200.00/Session