This Boy is on Fire


This Boy is on Fire 🔥 & he’s got love for the girls on fire too! Since John began coming to NextStep Orlando the beginning of this year, we look forward to our entertainment on Tuesday afternoons... whether he is singing Alicia Keys or ACDC, doing impressions of Austin Powers & the Terminator or just sharing his love for cars & Star Wars with us (all while giving 100% to his training and recovery) we know this kid is destined for big things!! John was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis at 9 months of age. He's gone from being paralyzed from the neck down and on life support to what you see today. He loves to sing during therapy at NextStep Orlando, it helps him to walk faster and work harder! He's amazing! He cannot walk (yet) and uses his wheelchair (which he calls his green Camaro) but he's come a long way! WATCH JOHN'S VIDEO HERE and make sure you have the SOUND UP!