The Circle of Life

Sabrina, a new client to our Activity Based Recovery Program (she started in March of this year 2019) has been injured less than a year….

At NextStep Orlando, we are like a family and we like to get together outside of work/ therapy. Lots of times we do dinners or now that it’s summer, we’ll have beach days and pool days. We’ve rode the swings on I-drive and taken our bikes and hand cycles to the trail. We’ve gone to Disney’s Epcot and more! Sometimes we like to keep it more casual like last Friday night and see a movie together. We were all excited to see The Lion King but we were all even more excited when we saw Sabrina’s van pull up!! This was Sabrina’s first time “out” with us and one of the first times she’s been out since her accident at all! This is what Sabrina had to say about her experience:

“NextStep has done WAY more for me besides the great training. They’re also teaching me how to be comfortable in my own skin. I had a lot of reservations about going out in public with my trach. ( A “trach” short for tracheotomy is an incision into the trachea that forms a temporary or permanent opening, a common procedure for high level quadriplegics) What if people stared at me? What if I coughed in the middle of the movie? I had so many little worries, but they all helped put my mind at ease. i’m so happy I went!”

We are so happy you came to, Sabrina! It’s important to us at NextStep Orlando that our clients feel their quality of life has improved in as aspects: Physically, Mentally/ Emotionally and Socially!