Dream Internship

1.    Where are you from and what are you studying/have studied?

 I’m from Brazil. I’m a physical therapist current doing residency in Neurorehabilitation.


2.    How did you find out about NextStep Orlando?



3.     What was your first impression of the facility?

 From the Instagram photos and videos, it seems like a place where people with spinal cord injury receive high quality evidence based therapy. Once I got there, my first impression was that beyond a good therapy center, it is also a friendly environment for the clients.


4.    What do you plan to do with what you have learnt during your internship?

 I’m planning to apply for a master’s degree to engage in research about activity based therapy and probably open a facility like NextStep Orlando in my country.



5.    Is there a memory of a client/trainer/situation about our internship that stands out?

 The week Joel trained with us was a great week because I could learn more about the scale that now is used in all researches about spinal cord injury. 



6.    What would be your ideal job after you have graduated? 

 In a rehabilitation center where I can help people with neurological diseases/injuries achieve their greatest goals.

"I want to say thank you for all NextStep Orlando Paralysis Recovery Center family: Staff and trainers, clients and caregivers. During my internship with you I could see, learn, discuss and help with and about recovery after spinal cord injury. Thank you trainers and staff for making me feel as part of the team, I've never seen such a welcoming environment before! And thank you clients for teaching me so much about hope and strength. I'm going back to Brazil with a much larger knowledge about Activity-based training, and I hope I can help people there as NextStep helps people here. You all are so inspirational and I feel really blessed for the opportunity to learn with you. I was expecting my internship with you to be "awesome", my time here was much beyond "awesome". Thank you!" -Vivianne