So many reason to celebrate!

NextStep Orlando’s 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY GALA Event is just around the corner.

Have you had a chance to book your ticket to this event on Saturday, August 24th?

We would LOVE to see you there!

We are so proud to introduce our Guest Speaker, Alexandra Reeve Givens. Alexandra

is a Reeve Foundation Board Member and the Daughter of Christopher Reeve. It is

such an honor for our facility to have such a prominent member of the Paralysis

Recovery Community supporting our event.

“The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation is a charitable organization that is

committed to finding treatments and cures for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury

and other neurological disorders.” This is incredible, a foundation that is dedicated

to caring for individuals living with paralysis. We are so proud to be associated with

this Network.

NextStep Orlando has worked consistently for 10 years to provide the best possible

recovery options to those individuals in Florida and beyond. Our facility is the only

Affiliate Community Fitness and Wellness Center (CFW) of the NeuroRecovery

Network in the State of Florida. Our team is motivated and worked hard to achieve

this status. This is what it takes:

“Personnel from the CFWs undergo rigorous training as well to enable clients to be

“fit for life” and extend the continuum of care for people living with paralysis

through personalized rehabilitation and exercise programs. CFWs enrol individuals

with walking difficulties related to any cause. Their dynamic approach to

rehabilitation focuses on Locomotor Training, electrical stimulation with cycling, and

cardio/aerobic fitness and strength training therapies.”

Our program does not accept the prognosis of paralysis; instead we provide hope!

None of this is possible without the help of our community and sponsors. This event

is a showcase of all the hard work over the last 10 years. It is also an opportunity to

thank our supporters and sponsors. If you would still like to contribute to this Gala

Event, your donation WILL HELP.

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