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The remarkable support of our loyal donors is one of the reasons why NextStep has gained worldwide recognition in the field of paralysis rehab and fitness. NextStep was a pioneer in the field of paralysis rehab, building the first state-of-the-art, community based, paralysis training center in the U.S. to offer Locomotor and Activity- Based Training. The benefits that people have gained from the work of NextStep have, in many instances, “given them back their life,” enabling them live happy, healthy, and independent lives. Choose between giving $1, $3, or $5 a day, and you’ll become part of NextStep 365, a dedicated community invested in a world where all living with paralysis have access to affordable, cutting-edge rehab and fitness.

100% of your investment goes directly to providing life-changing rehab to NextStep clients.

365 Membership Goal: 1,000

Membership Today: 212

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Become a NextStep 365 Business Ambassador

NextStep’s Business Ambassador Program provides a means for businesses to contribute to NextStep and make an immediate impact in their local community and in the lives of individuals that desperately need their help. Please help us make NextStep sustainable for the long-term. We will provide unique recognition to participating businesses in our communications, websites, newsletters and events.

Help make life-changing rehab possible for the people who need it most.