10 Tips for Crushing Your Fundraising Goals

1. Set a Goal

We’re asking those who would like to join Janne on the road to raise a minimum $5,000, but why stop there? Shoot for the moon (and maybe pick up a fundraising prize on the way) and set a fundraising goal that will inspire you and your supporters. Together, we can make life-changing rehab and fitness accessible and affordable to all individuals living with paralysis.

2. Set Up Your Classy Page or GivHero Account

If you’re joining us on the road, you have three options when setting up your Classy page. You can either create your own individual fundraising account, join a team or create your own team. Your supporters will be able to donate to your campaign directly through your Classy page as well as offer words of encouragement. On the LA to DC campaign page, you can see how your fundraising progress has contributed to the overall campaign goal.

If you’re participating at home, you can run, walk, ride or roll with us from any location. Set a fitness and fundraising goal, invite friends and family to sponsor you through the Givhero app and challenge others to join you.

Click here for Givhero’s step by step guide that provides instructions for everything you need to know about fundraising for NextStep through the app.

Need some inspiration? Challenge yourself (and others) to run a 5k, do 1,000 push-ups or maybe spark a dance battle. Get creative with your challenge and share your journey on social media using #RideForParalysis.


3. Create a List

Put together a list of friends, family, co-workers, work out buddies, anyone who could be a potential donor. The longer your list, the easier it will be for you to hit your fundraising goal.  Not only are you giving your supporters an outlet to donate to an amazing cause, but you’re helping drive our mission to spread awareness of the obstacles people living with paralysis face and NextStep’s mission to provide fitness access to those individuals.

4. Get the Word Out

Once you’ve set up your fundraising page and created a list of everyone you’ve ever met (kidding...kind of), it’s time to start reaching out. Start your ask with a personal note based on the person or group you are contacting. Share the link to your Classy page with a specific donation ask. Asking for a donation of $20 makes donating an easier choice than a vague request for money. Start with your closest network and then branch out to the rest of your list.

5. Follow Up

A couple weeks after your initial email, follow up with a reminder email. This is a good place to update your community of supporters and potential donors on your progress towards your fundraising and fitness challenge goals. Are you up to running five miles a day in preparation for your 10k? Logging more hours on your bike so you can keep up with Janne on the road? Whatever your progress, let your contacts know. They’ll be inspired by your commitment to the cause. Don’t forget to thank those who have already donated!

6. Challenge Others

Invite others to join your team, complete your at-home challenge or create their own challenge. Have contacts in cities with LA to DC events? Invite them to join the journey and meet Janne on the road. Build a community around the cause that will continue to push and inspire you on your fundraising expedition.

7. Get Social

Don’t forget to reach out to your social networks for additional fundraising and challenge support. Link to your donation page to make it easy for people to support your mission. Use #RideForParalysis to join the conversation with the online LA to DC community.

8. Thank Your Donors

A handwritten thank you note is a simple but powerful way to express your appreciation. You can also use social media as an outlet to thank those who have donated in real-time.

9.  Get Creative

Ask your gym to host a challenge event. Organize a fun run within your community. Think out of the box and get creative with your fundraising tactics.

10. Complete Your Mission

Complete your challenge and spread the word! If you’re completing a challenge at home, let your donors know that you accomplished your goal. If you joined Janne on the road, share your story and photos from the ride. Use #RideForParalysis on social or email us your story for a chance to be featured on the NextStep social channels as well.

Now you’re ready to get started! Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey to raise awareness and funds for the 6 million people in the U.S. living with paralysis. It’s time to hit the road!