Pediatric Activity-Based Training

Scientific based evidence highlights the importance of activity-based training for the pediatrics population. NextStep Orlando's affiliation with the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation ensures that our Pediatric Program is research based. 

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Our trainers receive further training in neuro-recovery form specialised facilities across the country and are equipped with the knowledge and experience to provide children living with paralysis a recovery based program. Our facility has the equipment to work on step retraining and adaptability on the treadmill as well as NMES to provide a well rounded session. 

Pediatric sessions are designed to optimise each individual child and their goals and phase of recovery. 

Does my child need ABT? 

Children living with paralysis are at high risk for development of scoliosis and hip dysplasia, making exercise so important for them. Research has shown that the activation of the muscles in the trunk as well as load-bearing activities are crucial and may help reduce the risk of scoliosis in children. 

Our Pediatric Program at NextStep Orlando ensures that all exercises are done out of the wheelchair with a postural and standing focus. 

Is ABT safe for my child? 

Our trainers are experienced in working with paralysis, but more importantly they receive further neurological based training at respected institutes around the country. They understand how the body works and they have a passion for neuro-recovery and working in a safe environment. 

What exercises will my child do? 

Although we follow the principles of providing load bearing, sensory cues, proper kinematics and minimising compensation each session is unique to the child and their recovery. Our trainers will put your child in the best possible position to succeed with the goal on recovery.