Our Team

Our team is made of rare individuals who have chosen to make a difference by helping others. You are in great hands with our certified activity based trainers!

Joye Langley



On April 5, 2008, my family’s life was forever changed when my husband Andrew became paralyzed from the shoulders down. As we make our way through this one life we’re given, we never expect such a tragic and life-altering event to come crashing in, affecting every aspect of our world.

I’ve become a caregiver, advocate, non-profit founder, fund-raiser, and an expert in my husband’s medical injury while preserving my role as wife, mother, and the human person in the last 10 years. Although I would change many things that occurred on April 5th, 2008, I am happy with the choices I’ve made to get my husband and my family to the place we are now.

My very simple goal is to help others make their way through this delicate and under-represented condition, based on what I’ve been so fortunate to learn in my own experiences dealing with Andrew’s spinal cord injury. I could not be more honored to now be a part of the NextStep network with the opening of our Phoenix location, and I’m committed to continuing my journey by educating, advocating, and offering the most state of the art activity-based therapies for those who have found themselves living with this difficult condition.


Hailey Richardson

Assistant Executive Director

Hailey is in her final semester of college at Grand Canyon University, she will graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Entrepreneurial Studies. She joined the NextStep Phoenix team as an intern in July 2018. She has a passion for philanthropy, with a heart to help others. She has volunteered for a number of charitable organizations including The Humane Society, the Pregnancy Support Center, Canton Christian Home (senior independent living), and First Christian Church as a child care provider. 

Hailey contributes to the success of Nextstep Phoenix in a variety of ways, eager to be a part of every facet and learn all that she can. Hailey has her hand in every aspect of the organization; however, her primary role is assisting the Executive Director. Hailey is an integral part of our team here at NextStep Phoenix and is learning first hand the positive impact caring people can have on the lives of others. 


Drew Langley

Executive Director and Activity-Based Trainer

After her dad sustained a high-level spinal cord injury over 10 years ago, Drew was determined she was going to work in this field of paralysis recovery. She began her journey in higher education at Arizona State University, and once it was time to join the workforce she hit the ground running in Phoenix’s first official activity-based therapy facility in 2017.

Drew loves interacting with clients while pushing them to their best each day. Her role as Facility Manager gives her the opportunity to speak with many people from all over the world about our amazing recovery program. She has taken the lead role in keeping everyone scheduled while making sure the training team is current and dynamic in these specialized treatments.

Andrew Lucero



Andrew is an activity-based trainer at NextStep Phoenix with a passion for fitness. He is dedicated to helping increase his clients’ mobility and works hard to see that his clients are engaged and moving towards their personal fitness goals.

Andrew is an Arizona State University alumnus and enjoys not only training but participating in Spartan Races all over the country. He is a certified CrossFit level 1 trainer and Spartan SGX/SOS. When he’s not helping others reach their goals, he is reaching his own, constantly pushing himself and others towards success. His biggest inspiration is his clients, who, through hard work and determination, defy all odds by achieving things that their doctors deemed impossible.