Our Facilities

With four NextStep facilities in the US, we can give you a range of recovery options.



Established in June 5, 2008, NextStep Los Angeles is Southern California's premier paralysis recovery center. As a member of the Reeve Foundation NeuroRecovery Network, NextStep Los Angeles offers the state-of-the-art equipment, certified trainers, cutting-edge therapies, and comprehensive activity based training programs; our center provides the best chance for recovery, independence, and health. We paved the way with the first community facility in the US to offer locomotor training and we are committed to always being on the forefront of paralysis research and advancements in therapy.



NextStep Kansas City, MO


Founded in 2010, NextStep Kansas City is the leading paralysis recovery center in the Midwest. Our team of certified trainers are dedicated to helping people with paralysis live a more independent, and healthy life, through an aggressive, activity based, and goal oriented recovery program.

NextStep Atlanta, GA


NextStep Atlanta was founded in 2011. Founders Paul, Jeannie and Chris Pickard opened the center to help their son Chris who had suffered a spinal cord injury on May 13th 2011. Since then, clients from all over the world have sought out the knowledge and expertise of  our certified activity-based trainers. NextStep Atlanta exists to provide an improved quality of life to people with paralysis through intense exercise-based recovery programs, education, support and encouragement..



In 2009, our facility opened its doors to the public to provide hope and recovery for people living with paralysis. NextStep Orlando is a state-of-the-art paralysis recovery center that is dedicated to meeting individuals various recovery needs. Our center and staff is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all persons with spinal cord injuries and other neurological disorders. Along with our exercise based recovery program, we aim to provide an environment where all clients and their families can gain knowledge, strength, support and guidance as we all embark on the journey to recovery together.